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Hope to Heal

Each year on average 140 to 160 officers are killed in the line of duty.  There are several organizations that help the families of the Fallen, but often times the departments are forgotten.  At Off-Road United, we make sure that when our country loses an officer we reach out and extend our sympathy to the family, but we also reach out to the department to let them know #wegotyoursix and how much we appreciate all they do.  Our objective is to show our condolences to the department and to thank each and every member of the department for their sacrifices.
We do this by getting letters from children in the community to send their love and praise for keeping them safe.  We have sent over 190 packages since last year.  Unexpectedly, we have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and gratefulness for our support.  It is amazing how much of a difference this small package increases morale.
If you would like to help make a difference to the Brothers in Blue by participating in Hope to Heal, we are seeking schools who would like to partner with us.  Whether you’re a teacher, administrator or a parent, you can inspire any classroom to get involved.  Our goal is to send a package to each department that has lost an officer in the line of duty.  Off-Road United will send a letter letting them know who we are and what we do.  Thank you cards from the class will be included with information on the class and school that provided them.  If any responses are received, we will be sure to share that with the class.
If you would like more information on partnering with Off-Road United Foundation and the Hope to Heal project, contact us at

"One act of kindness can make a difference."

Christine Johnson

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