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Deputy Milmerstadt Memorial Coin

Deputy Milmerstadt Memorial Coin


100% of the profits, from the sale of this coin, will go to support the family of Orange County Deputy Michael Milmerstadt. We have partnered with his incredibly loyal friends and co-wokers, to be able to sell this coin in his memory. These coins will be ordered in a large batch to maximise profits to the family.


His team mates 100% designed this coin.


  • The Octagon represents his love of Defensive Tactics 
  • "Earn the Day" was his Moto for life and training 
  • The Sword and Fire is the Orange County SO SWAT  Crest


In his Friends Words: 


On Monday, March 20, while training, Orange County Sheriff and SWAT team member, Michael Milmerstadt developed a severe headache, which was later determined to be a serious brain injury. We are all praying for him and his family. Mike and his wife have three beautiful young boys and he was the sole breadwinner for his family.


  Mike has been with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for seven years, where he works as a member of the Community Oriented Policing Squad (COPS). He is also an elite member of the agency’s SWAT team and a valuable trainer, particularly in defensive tactics.


Unfortunately Deputy Milmerstadt was not able to recover from his injuries. Mike will continue his life of service even in death by donating his organs and saving the lives of people he will never meet. Mike is a hero and we continue to honor him and support his family.

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